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What our customers say...

Don't just take our word for it. Here is a selection of what our customers say about Tarma Installer's:

Our products have also received numerous awards and excellent reviews.

Our technical support

InstallMate, ended my search for an Installer Program for Windows. It just fit together very nicely.
Any Installer Program has to cater to a lot of different requirements and Tarma has managed to put it all together in a fashion that reduces the burden on the Developer. I have only looked at it from my limited requirements for an Installer Program and I am totally satisfied, nay, thrilled.
When a developer is creating the installs, it is the final stage and generally he/she is quite rushed, what with Timelines, Deadlines, Code Signing, etc.
At this stage, the last thing that the Developer wants, is to learn another scripting language or jump through hoops to get an Installer Program working with your Software.
This is where InstallMate, makes life significantly easier for the Developer.
The thing that really, really stands out is the magnificent and outstanding support provided by Tarma.
They know and understand the various permutations and combinations that are possible with requirements for an Installer, and immediately address queries providing different possibilities towards a solution.
Also, the ability to change the User Interface Dialogs is a very good feature that was an absolute must for me.
Tarma's Software and Support really "MAKE A DIFFERENCE".
InstallMate is really worth it. [Srinivasan D Iyengar]

Flexibility and support. Ron has been absolutely terrific in responding to my problems and my requests for enhancements. Tarma has the best customer support of any software company I've dealt with. [Dave C., UK]

As good as the program itself is, technical support is even more outstanding! I've had two problems so far and Tarma technical support has returned all my emails within 24 hours and answered all of my questions. In fact, the latest problem that I encountered last week was diagnosed and recreated with 2 days and a feature ADDITION was added to the program within the next 2 days. This is absolutely unbelievable customer service and is the very thing that motivated me to write this unsolicited review. [Jim H.]

ScreenshotDespite the fact that I wasn't yet a customer, Ron responded within 24 hours with all the information I needed. No other installer company could help me and many didn't even bother to respond. Ron's quick help made my decision very easy. [...] You guys are tops in both your product and customer service. Thank you! [Jeff S.]

I can't believe the responses I'm getting from you. It's rare and very refreshing to get prompt answers on things like this [...]. I really appreciate it. [Roger H.]

I am simply delighted with the courtesy, thoughtfulness, generosity and above all the helpfulness of your timely response to my support issue. Your solution recommendation exceeded my expectations and that is a rare event indeed. [David M.]

Anyway, keep up the good work.  I and the other developers in my group are big fans of your products and especially your support and openness to suggestions for improvements. [Barry K.]

Firstly, I'd like to congratulate you. The Tarma Installer is an excellent product. [...] It works like a charm. Thank you kindly for your assistance. [Bart K., Greece]

It worked great!!! Thank you so much for taking the time to help me with this [...] I really appreciate your efforts. Warm regards [Fletcher]

I wanted to thank you for all your help, specifically answering all of my questions and providing me with step by step instructions checking for QuickTime. [Jennifer B.]

Wow, great support! Thanks [Carl-Friedrich B.]

ScreenshotThanks. The speed of getting this revision posted significantly exceeded any expectations I dared to entertain. [Joe B.]

Thank you very much for your quick response. I must admit I am pleasantly surprised at the level of service. [Peter F.]

Wow, thanks a lot! I never expected such a fast response [...]! It's really appreciated. I'm more of a designer than a programmer, so I almost broke my feeble artist's brain while evaluating various installer software. [...] Again, thank you very much! I think you might have saved my life... :) [Michael L.]

Thanks for a quick reply! Yes, this seems to be good product, and support is A+++, also the help files are very detailed. [Arsi R., Finland]

Thanks for your prompt response. I believe this will set my client pretty much at ease. [...] Thanks again for your help and very quick response. [Don W.]

Tarma's tech support is great - fast, courteous, and technically competent. [Tom Z.]

When ever I have had a question or problem I get a response over night, This is the best tech support I have ever received even from bigger companies. [Mclean]

I looked at trial versions of other products, but couldn't figure them out. Tarma's tech support got me up and running even before I purchased it. Thanks! [Marilyn].

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Tarma Installer's ease of use

After an exhaustive search, Tarma was the ONLY installation product I could find that I could actually understand how to use. It is intuitive yet powerful. I own Install Shield, but have no desire to use it after discovering Tarma. [George B.]

ScreenshotI think that your product beats the opposition hands-down as regards cost/functionality. The thing I like most about the application is that I can create an installation package without too much effort. It just seem so much more straight forward than other Installer packages. [Dermot D.]

Recently tried and purchased a copy Tarma Installer. I had to contact you and say "Nice job people"... It is such a treat to find a piece of software that is nicely laid out, neat in appearance, easy to use and does exactly what it's supposed to. [Wally P.]

I just wanted to write you again to let you know how great I think this installer is! [...] Your approach to installer creation is easy to understand, even easier to use and written as if you knew someday a complete novice like me would use it. The only way it could have been any easier would be if someone came to my house and did it for me. [Tim B.]

This Tarma Installer is absolutely wonderful! [...] You're right about one thing; the Tarma defaults are doing most of the work for me. Whenever I've goofed something up, I've learn to quit trying to do it myself and just let the Tarma handle it. [Tim B.]

I must comment on your program, I have been using Installshield for years and I find your program to be easier to use for the programmer and end user. Keep up the good work. [Daniel H.]

I most appreciate the ease-of-use! Your interface rocks!! KEEP UP THE GOOD WORK, you guys have a great product!! [Spambox]

The Tarma installer obviously has the most intuitive user interface of all installer packages I have evaluated. With no package a setup was created as quickly and easily as with Tarma Installer. I greatly like it! [Marc M., Switzerland]

ScreenshotMy group [...] is searching for an installation utility. So far, I've been very impressed with Tarma Installer. I've downloaded it and have gotten up and running very quickly. [Jon T.]

Tarma Installer really rocks! It's very easy to use and very intuitive. This really fits the needs we have currently. [Subu G.]

As I said, this package is wonderful. I downloaded several install constructors and tested them and this was the only one with an interface and flow that I actually liked to work with. [Joe B.]

I am based in Canberra Australia and just discovered your installer a few weeks ago - I think its amazing and much easier to use than the other commonly used products on the market! I will definitely be recommending it to colleagues. [Stan P., Australia]

What caused me to choose Tarma was its easy of use and setup. It seems to make all the intricacies about windows transparent. It is so very easy to follow and seems so very logically put together. If I could say more without sounding like a commercial I would. Thanks for such a fine product. I recommend it to all those who ask. [Dan M.]

Compared to the product I'm currently using and the other products I have been evaluating, Tarma Installer is by far the easiest to use, and does this without sacrificing any of the functionality that I require. [Tom Z.]

Easy to customize everything. User interface intuitive enough that I quickly guessed my way through most of what I needed, only had to dig into the help for a small part. I especially like the flexibility and simplicity of the UI customization. [Pieter B.]

I was impressed with the ease of use of such a comprehensive installer, but also with the rapid responses to my questions and comments about it. [Norman J.]

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Tarma Installer's features

I'm a software engineer working at a major sign manufacturing company that has been using Installshield Express for 3 years (and hating every minute of it). Installshield has a huge footprint, is very expense and their technical support is terrible, even when purchasing their expense maintenance programs. I downloaded what is now referred to as Tarma QuickInstall late December 2005 being very skeptical that such an inexpensive product could compete with Installshield. I was 100% wrong! Tarma installer projects are extremely easy to create, the built-in help is very complete and the product simply works. [Jim H.]

Thanks a million. I tried the program every way it can be done and it worked to perfection every time. [Dan M.]

Quite frankly, these products [names of competitors removed] are all pretty much expensive junk. In contrast, I found ExpertInstall to be refreshingly different, and I have to congratulate you on producing such a superb product at a very competitive price. [Steve H.]

ScreenshotWe own Installshield but are sick of developers wasting days of time trying to learn the language and debug the scripts. After trying Tarma we decided that it was cheaper to buy it than waste more time with Installshield to simply create a basic install. [Nick C.].

The new tix project is simply wonderful. A lot of useful functions have been added to TixUtils.cpp. This is simply amazing. Your support and your continuous enhancement to the project is worth 10000000000 times the price paid for the licence of the Tarma Installer, which, in my opinion is REALLY one of the best commercial installer framework. [Salvatore M., Italy]

I like Tarma because it's simple and produces easy, clean setups. The default behavior is perfect for most common applications. [Rick S.]

First off I would like to say - don't change too much about the product as it does what it does well and in a light way which is really nice. [Rick S.]

I did compare some programs by now and found yours the best. Yours can even cope with an & in the application name, which most of the others can't. [Rowald K.]

The latest installer drop is awesome. The per language readme/license works pretty well and very easy and intuitive to use. I like your new organization of the input screens. An FYI for you, we have had more than 500,000 downloads of our Viewer since December. [Subu G.]

The main reason to choose Tarma was the professional feel and good graphical user interface of Tarma Installer. [Jarkko M., Finland]

ScreenshotI just bought Tarma Installer. Excellently programmed. You handle many nuances of the Win2000/XP install process that other installers only work around. [Mike A.]

I really appreciate the detailed registry changes I can make using your product. I have even made installs that just setup things (in the registry) that I needed done. Great product...keep up the good work! [Jeff S.]

Another interesting aspect of your product is the fact that if an option is not available directly, it is possible to attach a custom DLL to complement the product. We have not yet exploited this feature, but am relieved to know it is there. The password protection, customer registration, and the application signing are up-to-date features that many installers do not offer. [Dominique T.]

It is very flexible .. I need to create very unusual installers for different purposes, and Tarma seems to handle it all. The Actions are especially useful, as are the named variables that can be defined by registry/INI entries. Overall a great product! [Scott Prentice, President, Leximation, Inc.]

I love the quite foolproof wizard-wise workflow and the 'check' button which notifies you of any mistakes. It simply did what I wanted it to do the first time I tried it. No hassle at all. [Senne de J.]

I like the simple step by step approach to configuration. Also I like the build check as it catches many simple errors. I also like the build logs that show you exactly what was done in what order. [Loren C.]

There are a lot of features I like, but I'm most pleased with the dependability of the installer. It always works the way I expected in creating installation packages, and I have never had an install problem. Great product -- keep up the good work! [Clifford A.]

I tested several low cost, third party install creation programs and ExpertInstall (even QuickInstall for that matter) was the only program with the ability to install and register all my packaged components accurately. [Neil A.]

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Tarma Installer's size

When finished the executable install file was just a few kilobytes larger than the original files, amazing! [Florian, The Netherlands]

Here's another thing that I just can't get over. My installation packages are now smaller than the original screensavers, even though I have added more files (Like the readme and icon). Congratulations on such a great product, and my wishes for your continued success. [Tim B.]

ScreenshotThanks once again for a very fine product. One of the main reasons to go to Tarma is the small download sizes we can get. [Subu G.]

I develop software also and your installer is very good (nice small installation file and good front end). [Markos S., Greece]

We are just completing the process of translating an accounting application for the Spanish market. Unfortunately, the version of InstallShield which we were using for the english version of the product does not support other languages, and the upgraded version uses an enormous amount of disk space. A quick search [...] led us to Tarma Installer and after a couple of hours trying it out, I have to say that it is a very impressive product. [Mike O., Ireland]

Anyway, we haven't spoken before, but I just wanted to drop you a note and say that I love your installer product! Small and to-the-point! With code bloat at amazing levels these days, it's cool to see that people know how to make things tiny and powerful still. [Brian M.]

The completed package was compact, the software was well thought out and easy to use. [...] There should be more software like it [Roger D.]

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Tarma Installer's price

Thank you for a suberb, polished, flexible and intuitive product. For the price this package beats anything else I have come across. I hope that doesn't sound too smarmy, it really is the truth. [Matthew M., England]

ScreenshotI've just about finished a small application which needed an installer, but there's no way I could afford (or justify) the expense of an InstallShield or similar. [Keith L.]

I've tried a lot of installers, and for only $99 this is the best program I've tried under for under $300, with the least number of problems encountered so far. Windows NT-class OS's don't make life easy on installers for multi-user environments (with varying permission levels and security policies). Nice job. [Mike A.]

You guys have an EXCELLENT product for a price individuals and small businesses can actually afford. Other installers cost much more, are extremely difficult to use, and some don't do as much as Tarma does. [Spambox].

We were dismayed at both the prices and complexities of the larger brand installation software packages on the market. It was a pleasant surprise to find Tarma Installer. Excellent on price and simple to use. [Ken R., UK]

The price and licensing are very attractive compared to other products like VISE, and it has the basic features we needed. [David H.]

The reason was that it promised a very good price/quality. And I've not been dissapointed. I've been using Tarma Installer now in a production environment for 6 months and as yet without problems. [Peter F.]

ScreenshotWhile offering all features we needed Tarma Installer had a very competitive price. [Carl-Friedrich B., Germany]

I compared the available installer applications, and Tarma did everything I needed for the best price. It also had the cleanest interface and was easy to use. [Scott]

The price was sufficiently low that I knew that I couldn't make an expensive mistake if (on getting more experience) I were to find I needed something else. [Gordon G., Australia]

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Anything at all

I just wanted to let you know how pleased my company is with your product. We feel you are doing and outstanding job and just felt that you should know. We appreciate an outstanding tool for an outstanding price. Please keep up the excellent work in both the design and support of your software. [Keith W.]

ScreenshotWe appreciate the fact that it works. Sounds strange, but with the number of installers we have tried that did not function as they should, or did only at the odd occasion, it was a relief to find a program that worked as planned. [Dominique T.]

What I like about it is that it is simple, elegant, professional, very powerful and it just works like a charm. [Selwyn H.]

I am a very satisfied (and registered) user of your Tarma Installer product, so just to say a big thanx for this great tool! [Thomas F.]

Glad to hear you are coming out with another version. Although what you've accomplished to this point is awesome and we love it! [David Y.]

As a small token of appreciation for your excellect top shelf support I've included in my help/read me information about Tarma Installer which is a product beyond compare. [Joe]

ScreenshotI've been having a blast playing with your program. It is the greatest. [Dan M.]

Good price, capabilities, and ease of use. Keep the good work up. I am very impressed with your support group. Questions are quickly answered [Ted M.].

In summary the Tarma Installer is a great product that I'd highly recommend to others. [Doug Y.]

Your installer is working great! [...] Absolutely brilliant! [Michael L.]

First of all... I love your program. It's great. [David R., Netherlands]

I said you made a good program down there mate. thx :-) [Paulus A.]

Tarma Installer is a fine tool, congratulations. [Thomas L.]

This is a wonderful package, the best I have found. [Joe B.]

[...] I love your installer. Great work!! It saved me from InstallShield. [Ascanio O., Italy]

Overall a great product that I would certainly buy again! [Loren C.].

It is the sweetest setup routine I have ever encountered. Let me know if you ever need or want a recommendation. [Dan M.]

ScreenshotThe website was clean and simple and didn't take long to absorb. The downloading and installation of the trial worked smoothly. The email help worked. I got a carefully thought out reply from a technical person within the advertised time allowed. Thanks for a great product. [Gordon G., Australia]

It works so well on the users's computers, installing my program just as I want it done with no confusion for the user. Technical support from Tarma has been THE BEST! Upgrading my program, which I do often, goes so smoothly. Making a shortcut on the desktop was a special bonus! Good Product!!! [Marilyn]

Simplicity. No need to mess about. Tarma Installer is one of those rare products that does what it says it will do, does it well, and doesn't cost an arm and a leg. It's easy to use and easy for the majority of customers/end-users. [Paul J.]

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