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Tarma QuickInstallTarma QuickInstall 2

Quick and easy installers for casual software developers.

Create fast and compact installers in the blink of an eye. Robust, dependable, hassle-free. Add your own graphics, choose from 27 languages, and just get it done.

  • Creates installers quickly and easily, with no learning curve
  • Offers all the basic installation actions: folders, files, shortcuts, registry, INI files, environment variables, uninstaller
  • Straightforward user interface, optionally localized in 27 languages
  • Small (only 75 KB) and fast installer
  • No scripting
  • Extensive preflight checks catch problems before you deploy your product

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Due to the introduction of Windows 7, this product has been discontinued. We recommend that you upgrade to InstallMate 9 for full compatibility with all Windows versions. Existing users can keep using the product; their licenses do not expire. The product remains available for download for existing users. Technical support ended on 31 December 2010; the online documentation is still available.