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Tarma ExpertInstall release history

Current version: 3.8.3834 | 30 June 2010| Download

Below is an overview of the Tarma ExpertInstall releases.

Tarma ExpertInstall 3.8

3834 TSU Run DLL, Run Program, and Run Script arguments are now re-evaluated at each call
3737 All Fixed occasional access violation when logging Debug messages
3666 TSU Installer is being built as .$$$ before renaming to .exe, to avoid interference with AV tools
3581 MSI Added "no compression" compression option for installer packages
3541 All Added support for Internet Explorer 7 and 8 requirements checks
3541 All Added support for .Net 3.0, 3.5, and 3.5SP1 requirements checks
3529 TSU Increased maximum dynamic buffer size for very long registry values
3381 TSU Cancel requests are now ignored while rolling back actions, to improve roll back quality
3266 TSU Fixed problem with registry value removal
3209 TSU Component installation now ignores global ref count for greater robustness
3108 All Updated language names
3030 All Added workaround for invalid PE resource sections
3022 MSI Added preflight checks to point out unsupported file installation modes
3022 All Changed external process creation for better response
3022 TSU External processes are now started without being suspended first
3010 All Added separate Edit window for Run Script action
3010 All Changed default attributes for registry values, ini values, and environment variables for better MSI compatibility
3010 MSI BLD:U0012 diagnostic now only given if install and remove actions don't match
3000 TSU Added $part() runtime function
2993 All Added Italian translation
2992 All Made license registration more forgiving of small formatting differences
2972 All Introduced MainProductName variable
2971 TSU Minor correction to add-on uninstaller operation
2968 TSU Added $shpath() function to improve shell folder resolution
2967 All Several minor improvements to merge module imports

Tarma ExpertInstall 3.7

2945 TSU Initial Setup process now takes its name from the installation package instead of TSU-xxxx
2943 All Made registration certificate parsing more forgiving of minor format deviations
2943 All Added check for upward compatibility while opening a project
2941 All Corrected bug when importing (default) value from .reg file
2940 TSU Corrected bug in shared shortcut installation
2915 All Projects opened in batch mode are no longer removed from MRU list
2905 TSU Added TizPath variable that contains installation database path at installation time
2905 TSU Clarified MessageBox action failure behavior
2903 TSU Replaced Run Batch Commands action with Run Script action that can also run VBScript and JScript programs

Tarma ExpertInstall 3.6

2876 MSI Language-excluded components are now omitted from FeatureComponents table
2876 MSI Fixed code page issue in installer database
2875 MSI Language-excluded files are now properly omitted from the MSI File table
2867 TSU Under WoW64, Setup now tries 64-bit registry keys if 32-bit counterparts are not available
2852 TSU Setup loader now contains message loop to avoid busy wait cursor
2839 MSI Added missing localized string
2829 TSU Removed Trust info from Setup.exe manifest
2828 All Components with empty GUIDs now remain empty upon project reload
2808 TSU Made uninstaller registration more robust
2804 All Added Vista manifest info to development environment
2795 Docs Minor corrections and updates to documentation
2793 TSU VersionMsi is now also set by the Tarma native installer
2793 All Added Hindi and Telugu translations

Tarma ExpertInstall 3.5

2736 TSU Minor changes to improve Vista compatibility
2645 TSU Implemented FeatureTree:OnSelChanged event firing
2629 TSU Added /cn command line option for Setup.exe
2628 TSU Added file association changed notification at the end of the install process
2617 TSU Early-install dialog boxes now show product name instead of "Tarma ExpertInstall"
2617 All Changed ...Folder64 to ...64Folder aliases for MSI compatibility
2607 All Added Windows Vista support
2594 TWU Added support for REG_EXPAND_SZ uninstall info
2593 All Added 64-bit versions of Program Files and Common Files folders
2593 TSU Installer now supports installation into 64-bit program folders

Tarma ExpertInstall 3.4

2560 TSU Some internal cleanup
2548 All Removed miscellaneous tools from distribution
2548 All Fixed a bug in the dialog designer occurring on non-themed systems
2530 All Put resource path first in component resource list
2522 TSU Hidden installs now force previous version uninstalls hidden as well
2521 TSU Corrected a problem with backup files on Windows 95 and 98 (original edition)
2520 TSU Corrected post-boot registration scheduling
2517 TSU Service control actions no longer test for service presence if component is not installed
2513 TSU Corrected reboot scheduling during uninstalls
2470 All Changed preflighting logic to prevent spurious BLD:Q0126 and BLD:Q0127 diagnostics.
2470 TSU MsiNetAssemblySupport and VersionCLR now take their version from fusion.dll as documented, and not from mscoree.dll.
2468 TSU Added Set Variable action to DoFirstInstall action sequence to preset the installation folder during upgrades. See also How to assign the default installation path during upgrades.
2468 All Target system platforms are now intersected with the build configuration platforms during the build.
2467 TSU Added $iisdata and $iispath runtime functions
2467 All Moved Inetpub folder and corrected location of <WWWRootFolder> in the Files and Folders tree.

Tarma ExpertInstall 3.3

2465 TSU Changed secondary process synchronization to require fewer privileges.
2462 All Added Czech translation.
2460 MSI Fixed Installation file attributes of MSI actions Run DLL, Run Program, Run Script.
2460 MSI Added extra preflight checks to MSI custom actions.
2459 MSI Fixed the InstallLevel setting for Typical installations (from 3 to 100).
2458 MSI Symbolic expressions are now expanded during build in cases where MSI erroneously documented Formatted data types.
2458 MSI Changed the tab order of dialog controls in the MSI database to make dialog repainting more reproducible.
2455 TSU Further improvements to service control for robustness and MSI compatibility.
2452 TSU Improved service installation and control by ignoring "known good" errors and waiting for pending operations.
2452 TSU On Win64 systems with a 32-bit installer, <SystemFolder> now returns the SysWOW64 folder path instead of the redirected System32 folder (which is really the 64-bit folder).
2443 TSU Added custom background colors for CheckBox, GroupBox, RadioButton, and StaticText controls.
2436 All Added new runtime functions $dateadd, $datediff, $dateiso, $datelocal, $datenow.
2435 TWU Added extra parameters to event callback function
2435 TWU Temporary files that cannot be deleted immediately are now scheduled for post-boot deletion
2435 TWU Added AltProductCodes value to package information files
2435 TWU Added new callback events for custom PIF processing
2434 TSU Implemented iTixRuntime::LogMessage function
2434 TSU Added custom background colors and color gradient fills for Frame controls.
2434 TSU Added custom text colors for CheckBox, GroupBox, RadioButton, and StaticText controls.
2434 TSU Added keyboard interface (space bar) to select/deselect features in FeatureTree control
2434 TSU Fixed erroneous inclusion of "don't install" files sizes
2433 MSI Added bootstrap loader for MSI installers
2433 All Added checkbox for Keep intermediate files build option
2433 Docs Clarified licensing terms

Tarma ExpertInstall 3.2

2427 TSU Fixed a problem where &FeatureName applied to a subfeatures didn't check its parent features
2427 TWU Added TWUDebugPrintf() function
2425 Docs Added help file documentation for Tarma extension DLLs
2425 TWU Added event/progress callback functionality to TWU
2422 All Added Swedish translation
2422 All QuickInstall imports now reset the hidden "keep intermediate files" attribute
2422 All Changed project initialization to allow more user-settable attributes
2422 All Added Build variables to the build configuration settings to allow per-configuration conditions and special cases
2422 All Added Build conditions to components and features to allow configuration-specific inclusion of components and features
2422 TSU Changed customer registration to allow storing user fields as unnamed (default) registry values
2422 TSU Added new Run DLL custom action
2422 TSU Added new subaction ShellExecute to existing Set Window State custom action
2422 TSU Added Extra size field to feature options
2422 TSU Changed the way 64-bit system information variables are set in WOW64 sessions
2411 All Added per-folder watch lists for automatic addition or removal of source files
2411 All Added Visual Basic project imports as separate Import command for existing projects (it was already available as part of the File > Open command)
2411 Docs Added an index to the help file
2411 Docs Clarified shortcut behavior without startup folder
2411 TSU Installer now forces shortcut startup folder if left empty in project

Tarma ExpertInstall 3.1

2406 Docs Documented all predefined variables in the help file
2406 TSU Improved modal dialog box execution
2406 TSU Corrected premature $sfn expansion for registry values
2397 All Made handling of Common/All Users folders on Windows 95/98/Me more resilient against misconfigured target systems
2396 TSU Added Forced ending attribute to the Standard Dialog action, allowing developers to force a particular final folder name.
2395 TSU Added Deflate compression (used by Tarma Installer v2/QuickInstall) as an alternate compression method if compression speed is more important than compression ratio
2384 All Added Danish translations
2384 All Added Hungarian translations
2384 TSU Corrected <SourceDir> path handling
2324 TSU Fixed a validation rule in the installer that sanitized all wildcards away
2323 All Minor improvements to Tin2/QuickInstall importing
2323 All Minor usability improvements
2321 MSI Added Major Upgrade capability
2306 All Added "no target languages" message to per-language builds
2293 Docs Added and documented Borland Delphi interface definitions for TWU
2286 TSU Fixed a problem with Run Program actions that target a URL
2282 All Added support for .Net assemblies
2282 All Added .Net system requirements check
2282 All Added VersionCLR variable
2282 MSI Fixed a problem with MSI private properties between action sequences
2282 MSI Added WWWRootFolder support to MSI runtime DLL
2282 MSI Fixed a problem with dialog imports
2282 MSI Fixed a problem with folder imports using existing aliases
2282 TSU Added new standard actions RegisterAssemblies and UnregisterAssemblies
2282 TSU Fixed an occasional problem with &Feature lookup
2282 TSU Removed quotes from InprocHandler/Server[32] paths
2282 TSU Fixed an error in MIME type registration path
2282 TSU Added support for the following variables: MsiNetAssemblySupport, MsiNTProductType, MsiNTSuiteBackOffice, MsiNTSuiteDataCenter, MsiNTSuiteEnterprise, MsiNTSuitePersonal, MsiNTSuiteSmallBusiness, MsiNTSuiteSmallBusinessRestricted, MsiNTSuiteWebServer, MsiWin32AssemblySupport, TerminalServer
2282 TSU On Terminal Server, the installer now switches to INSTALL mode
2282 TSU Added $froot runtime function
2282 TSU Added Allow reboot in quiet mode installer option
2282 TSU Added iTixRuntime::GetInternalFlags()
2282 TSU Added bFlag parameter to iTixRuntime::SetReboot() and SetPostBootRegistration()
2282 TSU Changed message box buttons for running process check message

Tarma ExpertInstall 3.0

2261 MSI Implemented system requirements checks for MSI installers
2259 All Added Visual Basic 5 and 6 project conversion/import functionality
2259 All Added XML namespace URIs to all XML-based files
2258 All Made various Component attributes writable through the UI
2258 All Per-file components of bulk added files now have their folder and key path set
2258 All Added Paste Plain command for RichText resources
2258 All Removed a number of predefined installation components from project templates
2258 TSU Added extra checks for TinProductFolder
2258 All Installation packages are now created in ProjectName\ConfigName instead of ConfigName
2258 All Custom build actions no longer require a final newline
2253 MSI Corrected a problem in the MSI import function introduced by 3.0.2250
2250 MSI Improvements to MSI database import functions
2246 All Minor corrections to the display of shortcut icons
2246 All Fixed a problem with component-based folder exclusion
2244 All Added Current User redirection preflight diagnostics and additional installer support
2242 All Renamed Tarma Installer 3 to Tarma ExpertInstall to emphasize the new version's different aims and capabilities
2240 All Minor corrections to predefined symbols
2240 Docs Added some further Common Tasks topics
2238 TSU Re-introduced uninstaller Display name option
2238 TSU Added WWWRootFolder symbol/magical folder to represent IIS virtual web root
2233 TSU Fixed a problem with installation language selection
2233 Docs Started adding Common Tasks help topics
2229 All First public release of Tarma ExpertInstall