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Tarma ExpertInstall 3 screen shots

Below is a selection of Tarma ExpertInstall's project pages.

The development environment has clearly subdivided project sections and pages, plus extensive help and toolbars.

The project pages use a step-by-step approach to define your installer (note the large white arrows at the top right of each page), but also allows you to access each page individually.

Support for Tarma native installers and Windows Installers

You can create Tarma native installers, Windows (MSI) installers, or both, from a single project.

I also very much like the ability to produce both compact and fast .exe installers and .msi installers with the same tool. That allows me to use .exe for now and know that if/when I need to produce .msi's for corporate users I'll have a tool for it. -- Pieter Branderhorst, Amthor Technologies Inc.

Fully editable installer dialogs and dialog sequences

Using the built-in dialog editor, you can completely redefine any and all dialogs in the installation wizard, add any dialogs that you need, or even remove all of them completely.

The main reason to choose Tarma was the professional feel and good graphical user interface of Tarma Installer. -- Jarkko M., Finland

Fully editable installer action sequences

You have complete control over the installer's actions, even to the point (for Tarma native installers - MSI has its own requirements) that it's not an installer at all, but, for example, a CD-ROM AutoRun menu application.

Comprehensive language and localization support

Virtually any piece of text that is visible to the user can be localized, including, but not limited to: dialogs, messages, file and folder names, shortcut titles, and registry data.

You can build a single installer that includes all languages (Tarma native only), or separate installers for each language (both MSI and Tarma native) from a single project. 12 languages included: Czech, Danish, Dutch, English, French, German, Hungarian, Italian, Russian, Serbian, Spanish, Swedish.

You can add your own translations with the built-in localization editors.

Feature- and component-based installation

Following the MSI model, features are pieces of functionality that the user can select for installation in a tree-like structure, while components are groups of installation items defined by the developer that must be installed or removed together.

I tested several low cost, third party install creation programs and ExpertInstall (even QuickInstall for that matter) was the only program with the ability to install and register all my packaged components accurately. -- Neil Axe, Exalien Software

Simplicity. No need to mess about. Tarma Installer is one of those rare products that does what it says it will do, does it well, and doesn't cost an arm and a leg. It's easy to use and easy for the majority of customers/end-users. -- Paul Jackson, Resolve Computing, Australia

Import MSI databases and merge modules

Tarma Installer can import MSI databases and merge modules, and use the result for both Tarma native and MSI installers.

Quite frankly, these products [names of competitors removed] are all pretty much expensive junk. In contrast, I found ExpertInstall to be refreshingly different, and I have to congratulate you on producing such a superb product at a very competitive price. -- Steve Hitchen, Avocosecure

Extensive preflight checking

More than 450 different preflight checks spot potential problems before you deploy your installation.

I love the quite foolproof wizard-wise workflow and the 'check' button which notifies you of any mistakes. It simply did what I wanted it to do the first time I tried it. No hassle at all. -- Senne de J.