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Tarma Installer 5Download Tarma Installer 5

For the full license terms and conditions, see the License Agreement.

  • Unregistered users can download and use the installers in Trial mode.
  • Registered users can download and use the installers in Unrestricted mode.

Note: You can download, install and use Tarma QuickInstall 2, Tarma ExpertInstall 3, Tarma Installer 5, and InstallMate 7 side-by-side on the same computer.

Note: Tarma Installer 5 was succeeded by InstallMate 7 in April 2010. Technical support ended on 31 December 2011; the online documentation is still available. Existing users can keep using the product; their licenses do not expire.

Tarma Installer 5

License Agreement | What's new? | Online documentation

Description Version Date Download link
Tarma Installer 5 for 32-bits and 64-bits Windows 5.9.4239 2011-08-09 Download (3578 KB)
User manual (PDF); collated version of the HTML help file 5.8.3685 2010-02-01 Download (4170 KB)
Add-ons (Tarma's merge modules for Visual C/C++ 2005, 2008, 2010; Visual Basic 6; FoxPro; Borland BDE; Crystal Reports; DIFx) Various Various See separate page

Unregistered users - Trial mode

After downloading and installing a product, you can evaluate Tarma Installer 5 in Trial mode subject to the following restrictions:

  • The installers that you create in Trial mode will run on any system, but expire 14 hours after you create them.
  • The installers may be used for evaluation purposes, but not redistributed.

To distribute your installers, please buy a registration code. The registration code unlocks the installers for royalty-free distribution and entitles you to free technical support and free minor updates within the Tarma Installer 5.x product series.

Registered users - Unrestricted mode

If you have registered Tarma Installer 5 previously, then you can update your copy by downloading and installing the latest version of the product you have registered.

You do not have to re-register, and you do not have to uninstall the previous version first - the new version will automatically uninstall the previous version, while retaining your settings and registration information.

Distribution of installers that you create as a registered user is unrestricted and royalty-free. You are also entitled to free technical support and free minor updates within the Tarma Installer 5.x product series.