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InstallMate 9 box

InstallMate 9

Stand-alone installers for professional developers.

Create software installers for any Windows 32-bit or 64-bit desktop or server platform, with complete customization of all installer actions and dialogs.

Buy InstallMate 9 license US$249 per developer

Tarma WebUpdate

InstallMate Software Updater

InstallMate Software Updater is a stand-alone software update tool designed to be used in conjunction with Tarma Installer 5, InstallMate 7, and InstallMate 9, although it can also be used with other installers.

Download InstallMate Software Updater Free download

Tarma Preloader

Preloader Utilities

The Tarma Preloader Utilities are a set of programs that convert an executable program to a compressed, self-extracting new program with optional predefined command line arguments, and an optional embedded Administrator password for deployment in locked-down environments.

Buy TPUtils license US$49 per developer

Password Generator

Password Generator

Password Generator generates cryptographically strong passwords in a variety of formats (Letters+Digits, Base64, S/Key, Hexadecimal, and Custom). You can also use these passwords as encryption keys for symmetric encryption algorithms, or even as PIN codes.

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