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Miscellaneous tools

In addition to our paid-for installer products, we also offer for downloading a number of tools for general use by software developers that we originally developed for internal use. Most of these tools are available free of charge.

Tool name Description

Download a file from the command line [Free tool]

Download files with the HTTP, HTTPS, FTP, or FILE protocols. Useful to download additional files during installation, from the command line, or as part of batch files if you cannot use the Download File action for some reason.


Set access permissions on files, folders, and registry keys [Free tool]

Set access permissions on files, folders, and registry keys, for example to grant Read/Write rights to certain user accounts or account groups. Useful to change the inherited permissions of files, folders, or registry keys during installation.

Password Generator

Generate strong passwords [Free tool]

Generate cryptographically strong passwords in a variety of formats (Letters+Digits, Base64, S/Key, Hexadecimal, and Custom).


Tarma Preloader Utilities [Paid tool]

A set of programs that convert an executable program to a compressed, self-extracting new program with optional predefined command line arguments, and an optional embedded Administrator password for deployment in locked-down environments.


Tarma Web Update [Free tool]

TwuX is a stand-alone software update tool designed to be used in conjunction with Tarma Installer 5 and InstallMate 7, although it can also be used with other installers.


Uninstall a product from the command line [Free tool]

Uninstall.exe uninstalls a program from the command line (i.e., without going through the Add/Remove Programs control panel). It can also list information about installed programs. This program can be used in batch files and as a custom action in installers.

Older tools Several older tools that are no longer maintained and may no longer be compatible with current versions of Windows

Third-party tools

The following tools are not developed or provided by Tarma Software Research, but we list them here because we use them ourselves and find them very useful and often best in class. The links will take you to the web sites of the respective products or projects.

Kind request: Most of these tools are provided free of charge and often as open source and free software. They usually rely on voluntary donations from satisfied users for continued development. Please consider donating to the respective project (not to Tarma) if you use these tools and find them useful in your daily work.

Tool name Description
Artistic Style Source code formatter for C, C++, C#, and Java source code. Flexible, highly configurable. Free and open source.
BabelPad The final word in Unicode text editors; use it whenever you need reliable Unicode text editing capabilities down to the nth degree. Free of charge.
Dependency Walker Dependency scanning tool for 32-bit and 64-bit Windows executables. Indispensable if you need to determine which modules are required by a program or DLL. Provided free of charge.
NotePad++ Excellent source code editor based on the Scintilla text edit control. Free and open source.
Process Explorer Task Manager on steroids: displays all running processes in the familiar Explorer tree/list view format, along with extensive information about loaded modules, handle usage, and process statistics. Free of charge and part of the larger collection of Sysinternals Utilities.
Process Monitor Monitoring tool for process, file, and registry-related activity on a Windows system. Indispensable to find out exactly what files and registry entries are used by a process. Free of charge and part of the larger collection of Sysinternals Utilities.
PSPad Source code editor with excellent Unicode and code page support, provided free of charge.
Subversion Version control system with excellent support for distributed development and project-level configuration management. Free and open source.
Take Command The current incarnation of the long-running series of command line processors that started with 4DOS and included 4OS2 and 4NT (now TCC in the Take Command package). Superior command line and batch file processing for manual and automated execution. This is a commercial product.
TortoiseSVN The indispensable Subversion client for Windows. Integrates Subversion into the Windows Shell to give you full Subversion access from within Windows Explorer plus Open and Save As dialog boxes. Free and open source.
WinMerge File comparison, differencing, and merging tool. Fast, flexible, easy to use. Free and open source.